Kim vs. Pinterest

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My second project was ‘simple pin-up girl hair’ The website claimed this was a basic skill all girls needed to know.

Their tutorial picture:

hairtutorialSuper clear.

So here’s me:


I didn’t just follow the pictures though, I read the step by step instructions, and spent 20 minutes curling and re-curling my hair, the end result:



Do you see the difference? Look carefully. In the first picture, if you look at my eyes, you can see hope. In the second picture, after 20 minutes of holding my arms over my head while I tried not to burn my neck with a curling iron, those eyes are dead.



Kim Vs. Pinterest

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So, Its a well known fact that I am a bad wife. I can’t cook, I can’t clean, I don’t sew, and I spend very little time on my hair and make-up, and I’d rather watch tv than do ab work-outs. If I wasn’t already married, I would call myself ‘unmarriable’. So, when Pinterest happened, I was stoked. Finally. I could learn to do all those things other people do so effortlessly. Except I was wrong. Just like in real life, on Pinterest people lie. Looking cute, and clean, and skinny, and crafty is not easy. This segment will outline my attempts to complete Pinterest projects that I deem ‘easy’, showing the advertised result vs. my product.


Today’s project: Basket Weaving old shirts

Remember when all you had to do was cut the collar out of your old gross t-shirt to make a cool new not at all gross t-shirt? Well, Pinterest showed me an easy way to make an even cooler revision to my old gross clothing.

Picnik collage<< Theirs.


This activity promised to be an easy DIY project that would take my old painting sweater and turn it into a trendy new top that I’d love to wear. I followed the ‘easy version’ directions, and half-way through, it looked very much like the advertised version!

shirt1<< Mine.

Their shirt turned out like this:

PicMonkey Cojllage

Mine looked like this:


Nailed it.